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PODCAST: Heartworm Disease

In this installment of Vet Tips, Dr. Tripp Stewart discusses how heartworm disease spreads and affects dogs, cats and ferrets. He argues that prevention is the key to avoiding expensive treatment.

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    Kristie Thomas

    My dog has an itchy rash on tummy and inside leg. Closer look is black scabby things, look Luke fleas or ticks burrowed in skin but not. If you pick or pull on. You can squeeze white pus out. Also skin looks like little bumps with little black dots that you can squeeze stuff out off. What is it. I was thinking flea laying eggs but can’t find pictures please help me help my dog.

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      Dr. Stewart

      Fleas leave black dirt that is like dark dust or soot looking, but not attached. Flea eggs are kicked into the environment and then hatch in the environment and not on the dog. Sounds like a skin rash or skin infection, most likely. The best thing is a vet visit and some antibiotics and medicated shampoos. If the are is really itchy you might need a soothing balm and an e-collar to stop the dog from itching it. The dog will make it much worse. If it looks bad or is growing or getting at all worse, go see a vet as soon as you can. Not fleas, maybe baby ticks but they are obvious and move a lot.

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