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PODCAST: Mushroom Toxicity

The ground is soggy, and mushrooms are growing wild! Are they toxic?  Mushroom toxicity in pets is a common ailment. What should you do if your pet eats a mushroom? Tune into Dr. Tripp Stewart for all the answers!

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    Dogs who eat magic mushrooms’ll be gonna crazy hehe

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    My dog Ally is 12 years old, cocker spaniel, weighs 23 – 25 lbs, I’ve been giving her 2 tablespoons of peanut butter in her Kong. She has unexpectedly and suddenly vomited her morning feeding and afternoon feeding last Friday. She was okay afterward, tail wagging, happy, etc. and the weekend she was okay (no vomiting). Then Monday, 3/4/19, I took her to the groomer and when I picked her up, she vomited all her morning food. The groomer told me she gave Ally 3 tiny milk bones, which I never give her, her treats are carrots, which I cut up in tiny pieces, (she loves carrots). So I felt her upset stomach (which Ally has a sensitive stomach since she was a puppy, I feed her the ID low fat Science Diet food all her life,) was from the milk bones. Then that night around 10:00 pm (3/4/19), she vomited up her second feeding (which is 3:00 pm every day) . So Tuesday, I took a stool sample to my Vet, which it came out negative and the Vet said if she is not feeling any better in a couple of days, I should bring her in for a checkup. Well, I fed her half the food I normally give her at 6:30am and at 3:00 pm, and I watched her all day yesterday into the night and she did not vomit one time. Do you think her stomach got upset because of the amount of peanur butter I was giving her daily?

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      Dr. Stewart

      Very hard to assess, there are a number of options. A 12 year old dog could have anything going on. I would really want a full check up (if she has not had her old dog yearly blood work and check up) and a look at kidney values. It could be nothing, or something very serious and I can not really help you much more without touching her and hearing more details. The simple answer is yes, and no….. sorry. Get her checked out by your local vet.

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