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PODCAST: Pets and Snake Bites — Act Quickly!

During the warm-weather months, our slithery, venomous snake friends become more active. And snake bites are a very common problem in the summertime. Our pets are very curious creatures and tend to lead with their noses and their front limbs, so that’s where we see the most bites (on the face and front legs). These bites often cause extreme pain, swelling and bruising, and that’s typically what you as an owner will notice first, if you don’t happen to see the snake itself. You may also see puncture marks that may be bleeding or oozing.

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    Ami Montgomery

    My indoor cat diappeared for 3weeks.I was frantic.He came home with a bite &what was an abcess. He collapsed in my arms. I didn’t have enough money & vets all turned me away. I got all puss out &dabbed abcess w/peroxide, mecuricune, antibiotic treatment all 4people. He’s doing a lot better now (4days) I heard hissing is that punctured lung? What do I do. My “Pretty Boy” is my child.I need help A.S.A.P.Will the hole heal up? He’s a tuff &strong cat. Please help me. I found a lady who owns a farm, she’s not been home, I’m hoping she might have antibiotics I can use.

    • Reply
      Dr. Stewart

      Do not give antibiotics if you do not know the dose or type or reason without a vet assisting your. You can make things much worse. Read the above blog and the cat abscess blog for treatment advice. If you can call an SPCA or local shelter they can help you with medical advice. There is not much I can tell you that is not in the blog or comment section. Try to get a quick vet visit to see what you are dealing with. Sorry and good luck.

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