Greenbrier is limiting the number of clients in each room to two.

If possible, please call ahead: (434) 202-1616

Clients will be asked to wait in their car or outside for test results and outpatient treatment.

We are making every effort to attend to your pet's needs quickly and efficiently. Safety is our top priority for you, your pets, and our staff. Wait times may be longer than usual. We appreciate your patience.

Help us maximize safety by completing two forms before you come in:

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Call ahead if possible!
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PODCAST: Vet Costs and Putting the Myths to Bed

In this installment of Vet Tips from Greenbrier Emergency Animal Hospital, Dr. Tripp Stewart discusses the costs associated with making a visit to the vet and what you need to know when you make your visit.

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  1. Reply
    Brenda Brown

    We have a house cat that got out two mornings ago, as I was taking kids to school. He just returned last night, with patches of exposed skin between his toes, and it looked like maggots in between one of them. Also, his hind leg is swollen, and he doesn’t want to put much weight on it. He walks, but limps, and is resting, but has no appatite. I don’t know where he’s been. I don’t know if someone hurt him, or he may have gotten hit by a car. What should I do?

    • Reply
      Dr. Stewart

      Bring him to a vet immediately. There is nothing the internet will tell you of any merit other than that. Sorry

  2. Reply
    Pamela Harlow

    I have a 2 year blue heeler mix that is scratching really bad and lost most of the hair on her back near here tail and today she seem to be kind of sick she is laying around way more than normal and her eyes are runny will some kind of white gunk coming out of them and she is hold her eye almost closed and blinking a lot … Is this something I should bring her in for now???

    • Reply
      Dr. Stewart

      YES, she sounds sick and miserable. It sounds very late.

  3. Reply
    Sharon Hauff

    Hi I’m Sharon Hauff , the owner of Hachi my cream colored year old labradoodle. I looked for an email to send this note but this section will have to suffice.

    I am immensely grateful to you and your staff for cutting a hollow marrow bone stuck over Hachi’s lower jaw and eye teeth.He was freed of the object before I even finished filling out the paperwork! I can’t praise your professionalism, expertise and courtesy enough. Many , many thanks and next emergency will find me at your doorstep.



    • Reply
      Dr. Stewart

      Of course, I remember him! He was great and it was just a few days ago. Glad it worked out! Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Reply
    Alisha Greene

    My 14 year old rottweiler has a large growth on her neck as well as one on her side When they first showed up they went away and over the last couple months instead of going away they’ve been getting bigger. She has also started having trouble getting up and down the stairs, using the bathroom in the house, and crying at the slightest touch. All of her siblings from her litter died by the age of 5 from cancer and we fear she has come to the end of her road as well but dont know if it’s best to have her euthanized or to simply let nature take its course.

    • Reply
      Dr. Stewart

      It is always best to have euthanasia. It is kinder and avoids the suffering at the end. Why make her suffer and not walk and have a hard time eating and breathing……

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